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The great thing about Kajabi is that it's completely flexible and adaptable to your requirements. 

The tricky thing about Kajabi is that it can overwhelm you with options.

  • How do you know which settings you should turn on or not? 
  • How can you be assured that your choice of settings now, won't stuff things up for you in the future? 
  • How you can be sure your customers have the smoothest user journey while on your Kajabi site?
Here are some of my recommended best practices when creating your Kajabi site; 
Checkout Pages

- keep the copy on the checkout page short/bullet point list of benefits; people are ready to buy  as they've usually come to the checkout from a sales page or Call To Action [CTA]  elsewhere

- add in instructions for the user journey - what will happen next etc. 

- add in Name and Password fields; so they can set up their account login details here, rather than on the next page which is often missed & can then delay automations you have set up for following checkout

- option to add other additional fields for info that you'd like from your customers to assist you with future offerings i.e. which other subject would you like me to create a course on? [with dropdown list of options]

- option to add automation such as a personalised branded email confirmation/welcoming your customers.  If you do automate to send a personalised email sequence, then make sure you add in a login link/button to the email, so your customers can always come back to this email should they lose the login page. Also make sure you turn off the Kajabi system post purchase email so your customer isn't receiving so many emails into their inbox. 

- when you set any automations based on purchase, make sure you set up the same automation for when the offer is granted too, so that if you gift anyone or have anyone test for you, then they'll receive the same user journey as a paying customer.

- if you're selling a course or program that is live now, and your customer can start immediately, then you should set the post purchase to direct users to The Library, where they can access your product immediately.

You can read more in my blog about Automations in Kajabi here

Images on Website/Landing Pages

- add a link to the image where relevant;  i.e. if it's part of a CTA/sales funnel [people click on images as much as they do CTA buttons!]

- Add an Image Caption into the settings i.e. Book a call with Kate now

- Add the detail for the Image Alt Attribute, which is the description of the actual image itself for those who are visual impaired, if your website doesn't load properly [can happen when people have slow internet speeds], and it also assists with your SEO optimisation too. An example of this could be 'Kate sitting in a cafe with her laptop'

- to learn how to keep your images constant sizes, check out my video about this here

Thank You Pages [following a free/low cost opt in]

- following an Opt In for a lead magnet, as well as having the lead magnet sent via automated email to your audience, there is also the option to have it available to download directly from the Thank You Page 

- think about where your customers likely next step is and make that offer on your Thank You Page - invite them to join your course perhaps. 

- adding a video of you personally thanking people is a great way to connect with your captured audience, thank them and suggest your other related offerings

Other General Kajabi best practices

- anytime you have a hyperlink on text, image or button taking the user to an external place outside of your own website, make sure you check the box to 'Open in a new window', so users will still have your website open on it's original tab and be more likely to come back to it.  An example of this is your social media icons, linking to your various social pages.  

- anytime you have a hyperlink on text, image or button taking the user to another place on your own website, then it's usually OK to not have the 'Open in a new window' setting turned on, as otherwise they could end up with dozens of tabs open for your website. An exception for this would be where you have a main website page with many links and you'd like it to be easy for your customer to navigate back to that main page i.e. a store page with all of your offerings listed - make each of the offers links open in a new tab, so the main store page stays open also for them to come back and see/click on any other offers they may be interested in.

- even if you're not utilising the website component of Kajabi, if you are selling products that are hosted on Kajabi, then you'll need to customise the following system website pages at least with your logo/branding; Login Page, Library Page, 404 Page and ensure you have the 'homepage' of your Kajabi site set to The Library.  This way when users click your logo in the header, they'll return to The Library to find the products they've purchased. [otherwise they could see a default Kajabi branded pages]

- ensure that your 'subscribe' settings are relevant for your business and legal to the global region you're selling in [subscribe settings are in your main Kajabi account settings].  It's important to have this right from the start as if people join your Kajabi database Unsubscribed, then it's not possible to legally Subscribe them so they can receive your future emails.

- in your Kajabi main settings area add your logo, brand colours, favicon [small icon that shows up in the top browser tab], marketing address for the footer of your emails [to comply with international anti-spam laws] and your website SEO details.

Grab my full Getting Started on Kajabi checklist here

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