Kajabi Service Packages

Website Build

Having your website on Kajabi allows you to showcase your value and brand to the world, with a smooth user experience for you and your customers.

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Online Course, Coaching or Membership Build

Access my expertise and skills to set up your online products, allowing you time and energy to focus on creating the expert content that your audience has been waiting for.

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Lead Magnet Set Up &/or Design

Free or low cost lead magnets are the first step to building your warm audience. You provide the Ebook, Checklist, Cheat Sheet PDF, Video or other media & I'll do the rest. * Option for lead magnet design also available [for use anywhere, not just Kajabi].

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Email Sequence Set Up

Having an Email Nurture sequence set up, allows you to keep adding value & making offers to your audience, plus keeps you front of mind without taking more of your time.

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Kind words from my clients...

Jodine - Social Smarty Co. 

"I highly recommend Kate, she's a Kajabi whizz and has taken care of things that have been on my to do list for months!"

Soreya - Soul Sanctuary 

"I can't believe it's all up and running so quickly.  Tears of joy at a vision that's been sitting in me for way too long."

Sonja Courtis

"Now I'm not stressing about how I'm going to get everything done, I've got so much more room and energy for creativity & content"

If you'd like to chat further about how I can assist you with your online business,  then I look forward to hearing from you here & I will get back to you soon.