Have you got an awesome idea or thing you want to show to the world this year?

Perhaps it's:
✨ a community to bring your peeps together (& provide you with recurring revenue),
✨ a workshop to showcase your talent and attract relevant customers,
✨ an online course to give your knowledge en masse while freeing up your time,
✨ a coaching style program to give ultimate YOU to your high ticket customers,
✨or maybe it’s a helpful eBook that you’d like to have set up on your website and socials, as a lead magnet to help grow your hot email list 🔥….

BUT you just can’t find the ‘oomph’ to get started and launch? 🚀 and I know it’s possibly the technical stuff procrastinating you, or you’re feeling overwhelmed by the unknown ducks you need to get in a row before you can launch to the world?


Yes, thats me!

How about you and I jump on a zoom call together and make a plan to ‘Launch It’ - that’s going to work for you, and your business?

Together we’ll set tangible plan and work together to make sure you’re serving your audience by launching the thing that they’re waiting for and bringing in customers in a way that feels great for you and them.

Setting your launch right from the start will feel great for you and your customers - smooth and stress free 🧘🏼‍♀️

‘Launch It’ is bespoke to each person depending on their relevant timeline. It is however, intended to specifically help you go from zero to launch with confidence and clarity.

What you’ll get:

  • A launch plan, laid out in sustainable action steps for your launch time frame
  • My expertise in online business and technical set up
  • My support and accountability via regular calls and Q+A to keep you in flow
  • A stress free launch 💕
  • A framework to repurpose over again
  • Happy customers being served in a timely manner via your streamlined set up
  • Your launch to go live in a desired timeframe
  • Full testing before go live
  • Your personal cheerleader, championing you along the way! 🎊🎊🎊 (that’s me 😉) 

How it works:

  1. Set the scene; We jump on an initial biz clarity call to discuss where you’re at, your vision and timeline and make sure this is the right investment for you at this stage
  2. Initial Briefing session; once our paperwork is complete, you can book your initial briefing call at a time to suit you. On this call we’ll put together some achievable framework with step by step tasks based on your specific targets and timeline.
  3. Regular check in sessions [1 hour weekly/fortnightly]; to plan, implement, test and problem solve any tech issues
  4. In between support; to keep the momentum tracking, and not get sidetracked or stumped when you hit a hard patch. I share screenshots, templates, examples and other resources relevant to your needs

Other bits and bobs:

✨ No you don’t have to be using Kajabi to jump on board this offer 😉 (believe it or not I work with people who don’t use Kajabi too!)

✨ While this is a new offer you’re seeing ‘out there’ from me, it is a program I’ve been working with clients on for the last year, which also means it’s nicely set up and refined for new clients!

✨ Price is dependent on your launch timeframe and complexity of launch steps - message me to start discussing yours!

✨ ‘but Kate, I’m sure I can figure it out myself’- Yeah you can! and DIY is highly encouraged to initially know your set up and systems [after that I recommend delegating and automating!] - but often our own DIY projects fall to the bottom of the ‘to do’ pile while we get busy in the day to day biz and life operations. This program is for those who wanna DIY - but also want to prioritise their launch and therefore looking for the additional support, knowledge and accountability!

Next steps:  

1.  Book a free call with me here to set the scene and understand if this is the right program for where you’re at now. 

2. From there I’ll prepare your proposal with a quote and timeline and then it’s all go! 🚀