Are you ready to invest in the health of your online business? 

Let's peel back the layers of clunky systems that no longer serve you and your business

are your daily thoughts something like.... 

“Shit, did I send the zoom link to the client?”

“Where’s the notes from the last session?”

“Did they get my invoice?”

You’re an amazing coach, tutor, teacher and your clients love you. When you’re providing value to them, you’re in your natural element - it feels easy and sparks joy. 

It’s just that you’ve not got the right strategies in place for YOU + YOUR business.  You’ve played the easy safe hand, followed the crowd and invested in cookie cutter solutions, instead of healthy bespoke options for YOU and YOUR business.  

You wouldn’t tell your clients one size fits all on their journey learning via you, and so why are you accepting anything less than the right solutions for you and your business?

It’s time to start investing in the health of your business


I’m here to give your Biz a detox.

I’ll give your biz a good shake down and ‘once-over’ behind the scenes, and then provide an actionable strategy to flush out the parts that suck the soul out of you [and your biz], and give you back the control, time and freedom that you came into biz for.

You’ve found yourself working all the hours and wearing all the hats which has resulted in you feeling overwhelmed, scatterbrained and wondering why things aren’t feeling easier?

You sign up to generic free e-books + webinars promising you the golden solution for your business which fills your inbox & sit un-actioned, and then you scroll the internet for more instant ideas and solutions - resulting in a good double dose of shiny object + imposter syndromes. This is usually followed by self-sabotage in the form of procrastination, and leaves you right where you were 6 months ago, and a few more $$ out of pocket.


It’s not because you weren’t cut out for this biz thing,

here's 3 reasons why it feels 'icky';


When you’re stuck deep down in the weeds of your business, fixing technical glitches or always looking for the next solution [aka shiny object] - then this results in feelings of panic, frustration, fear and scarcity - which is then reflected in your business


DIY-ing your business has been the default mode for you since you started out. As your business grows, the cookie cutter solutions start to make your business feel like a burden, stretching your capacity [more clients means more admin time right?] and resulting in resentment.


The reason you feel like a hamster on a wheel, is because you're continuing to do what you’ve always done! Making change and investing for your business can be difficult and the highlight reels of ‘biz for dummies’ makes it seem like all you need to do is sit on a beach with your laptop and cocktail and wait for the sales ‘pings’ to come in. {FYI Laptops don’t like beaches} - it’s all airbrushed lies!

You’re simply surviving, flapping furiously behind the scenes to keep afloat -  instead of thriving and booking holidays. 

The truth is you need to stay in your lane and work with the right strategies for YOU and YOUR business. No more purchasing the latest gadget or software because your biz bestie told you about it and you received 45435 emails about it + were then re-targeted via adverts making you feel like ‘its’ a sign’.  
The Biz Detox is going to assist you with finding what is working and what is not in your current business, and provide you with a bespoke plan and simple steps to get your time back and find that spark in your business again. 


It’s time to give your Biz a Detox. 

You deserve to have the business and life you dream of. I want you to feel as proud of the ‘behind the scenes’ of your business as you do of the valuable work you do with your clients.

I’m here to guide you and make it simple for you.



Just imagine...

Having a fresh pair of eyes on your business. Opening your eyes to the opportunity available to you for your business.

Creating the perfect bespoke plan for your business - that fits your lifestyle and values, within realistic timeframes for you personally.

Being excited and proud of the business you have created, rather than feeling resentful everytime your capacity is compromised.

Yes, you CAN have the ‘behind the scenes’ of your business operating at the same level as you serve your clients -  with professionalism, joy and ease.

Without experiencing overwhelm or burnout from flapping and working all the hours.


With confidence and clarity, trusting you have the right support and foundations in place for you and your business.

I created the Biz Detox to help you get to that place.


Here’s what you can expect in a Biz Detox...

Step 1.

After you've signed up from this page, we’ll begin by you pouring your current biz status, systems and strategies out to me via a simple online form.   

Step 2.

Once I have that really important info from you, I’ll begin sorting through it all and give you a bit of a biz stalk including browsing your website, socials and all the bits in between - it all matters and you’ll find out why

Step 3.

I’ll explain my findings and provide you with a simple but effective recommendations to improve your behind the scenes biz to have it working for you smoothly and effectively so you can arrange more time out of office!

Step 4.

I’m not just going to drop and run, cos unlike all those other online workshops and ebooks you’ve downloaded in the past - I’m here to guide & support you to make the changes necessary. I’ll offer my next steps to help you keep accountable until you’re laying poolside with a cocktail [or whatever equivalent form of out of office activity floats your boat!]


  • A fully bespoke visual report and action steps checklist

  • a 45min strategy session to guide you through my findings and suggested next steps

It’s no secret sauce and it’s cliche as, but you already know

nothing changes if nothing changes  

and here’s where we make that change, that matters. 

This Biz Detox is designed to save you time frolicking [procrastinating] in the behind the scenes of your biz,

to help you show up for even more clients or spend more time with your loved ones - feeling proud, confident and excited about your business, the clients you serve and the time freedom it has provided for you.