About Kate,
founder of Out of Office

I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn to have the lifestyle they dream of.

After two decades of wearing many hats within fast paced industries such as tourism, events,  conferencing and hospitality, I began my entrepreneurial journey.

In search of the elusive work-life balance, with the aim to support my love of helping others in business as well as my love for exploring the world - I developed my very own 'life by design', in the form of a digital nomadic life, serving businesses while following summer around the globe. 

I'm currently based in my homeland, New Zealand (awaiting the borders to open again!) and serving business owners globally, assisting in the building and management of their Kajabi accounts & Social Media content, so they too can find some work-life balance, out of office.

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About Kajabi

Look, I'm not here to sell Kajabi to you. I don't work for Kajabi, however I have chosen to become an affiliate partner of Kajabi, purely because I love it so much!

As a business owner who has researched and utilised multiple platforms, systems, apps and widgets for my own business, and who now also assists my virtual business clients with their Kajabi's accounts - I'm a raving fan.

Kajabi is most definitely the 'all in one' option for business owners who are looking to create online learning and/or online communities to serve their IP &
value to.

If you already have an online course or community, you'll understand how many moving parts and time is spent setting it all up and keeping everything integrated & flowing together, as well as the ongoing engagement and surrounding support.

Kajabi does it all and with my  assistance on your set up, build and ongoing maintenance - you'll be Out of Office in no time!

If you have not already jumped on board the Kajabi train, then why not have a play for yourself with a 14 day free trial, including a free 30 minute Kajabi consult with me!

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disclaimer: this is an affiliate link, which just means I receive a referral payment if you decide to stay on a Kajabi plan after your trial period.  You don't pay anymore than than usual for using this link, it's just a nice thing that Kajabi do for it's raving fans!