Just a few of the wonderful client sites I've had the honour to work on.
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"I highly recommend Kate, she's a Kajabi whizz and has taken care of things that have been on my to do list for months!"
Jodine - Social Smarty Co.

“I hired Kate to help me with the Kajabi set up for my membership prior to launch. It was probably the best decision I made in the whole process! Kate is not only incredibly knowledgeable but her communication and practical approach made her wonderful to work with. Kate took the stress out of what could have been a stressful process and I would not hesitate to recommend Kate if you are looking for some Kajabi expertise or support.”
Sarah - Mama Bloom

“Kate is amazing, she always supports me on my journey. She is kind and very educated about the online world. The right person who will not let you down. I recommend anyone willing to grow as a person and professionally working together with Kate.”
Agata Mironova

"I can't believe it's all up and running so quickly. Tears of joy at a vision that's been sitting in me for way too long."
Soreya - Soul Sanctuary

"Now I'm not stressing about how I'm going to get everything done, I've got so much more room and energy for creativity & content"
Sonja - Healthy & Healed

“Kate was a fantastic support person to help me get my business launched. As a small business she had a skillset which meant I could focus on other areas rather having to wear a "website building" hat as well”
Dr. Ainslee - Brain Under Construction

“Well great news! The Forum Design team loves the training site, they were wowed by it! Many of them aren't tech savvy and managed to navigate around it.”
Nicki - Leader Impact

“Kate was fabulous and everything felt very in control and calm and managed even though we were doing this in the middle of lockdown and I was at home with a toddler.”
Rachel - Clever Social