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Website Policy Bundle

The legal team at iCLAW have put together this Website Policy Bundle, with each Policy having been tailored specifically with New Zealand businesses in mind.

This bundle includes the following documents:

  • Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant)
  • Cookie Policy
  • Website Disclaimer
  • Copyright Notice

The policies come in Word format and some of them have highlighted sections which indicate where you need to add the name and/or website URL of your NZ business.

Note that this bundle has been prepared for NZ Business and therefore is only recommended for purchase by NZ Businesses.

By purchasing this bundle you agree to use it for one business only

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Following this checkout, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and shortly after a second email with the Website Policy Bundle to access, download and customise with your own business name etc.  Please allow up to 12 hours for the Website Policy Bundle to arrive in your inbox, due to it being provided by a third party.