5 Hours Kajabi Assistance

While you concentrate on creating your course content, serving your customers or simply enjoy some time out of office, allow us to create, design, fix or maintain your Kajabi site.

By booking this time package, you'll get;

     ✅ guaranteed availability within the month
     for the assistance you require

     ✅ expert technical assistance & advice on
     your site, ensuring no future issues

     ✅ more time for you to focus on the 'revenue
     making' parts of your business or simply more
     time out of office 

     ✅ assistance within your budget - no hidden extras!

These time packages are for those with an existing Kajabi site.  If you're starting from scratch, then please check out my Kajabi Services here

Here's the steps from here;

1. You pay via this checkout page and then check your inbox for payment confirmation

2. I'll email you within 24 hours to confirm when I can begin on your site, clarify the initial tasks you'd like me to complete and your 1 month will start from the confirmed date.

3. Throughout the 1 month I'll keep you updated on the time tracked, to ensure we can use the 5 hours efficiently and that there are no unused hours at month end. 

4. At the end of 1 month, you can choose to book another package or not. 

Important to note:

  • Time packages will only begin upon confirmation from Kate following this checkout.  Usually we can begin working on your site within 1 week, however feel free to contact Kate via email before you pay here to check availability if you'd prefer. 
  • Once confirmed, hours must be utilised within the agreed month. Kate will provide updates on the hours throughout the month. Any unused hours cannot be rolled over to the next month nor are they refundable [this is so I can keep my capacity & availability in check for all my customers!]  There is no obligation or contract for you to continue this package every month.
  • On this page I'm requesting you provide me with your Kajabi Login email address and password - this is so I can access your Kajabi account. However, if you have 2 Factor Verification switched ON, then you'll need to set up an Admin User account for me.  To do this Go to Settings, User Settings, then add in my email in this format; kate+'yourname'@nzoutofoffice.com, with the password of your choice [but please let me know what it is!]
  • The above information is what you are agreeing to when you check/tick the 'I have read and agree to terms and conditions of this page' box at checkout.

$600.00 USD